Green Window

Green Window is dedicated to providing special support for MSME investments that lead to a reduction in energy consumption or CO² emission of at least 20%. The “Green Window” will focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency, under the following conditions:


  • 50/50 risk-sharing basis;
    • Maximum loan ceiling amount Euro 500,000.00 (or equivalent in Albanian Lek
    • Currency: ALL, FX only in exceptional cases.
    • Loans: Only new loans; no refinancing or restructured existing facilities. In case of loans to existing borrowers, loan quality should be classified as normal and current;
    • Concurrent Loans per business borrower are allowed under the following pre-conditions:
  • No more than two loans are allowed at any particular time irrespective of the fact that total loans’ ceiling is within ADGF’s approved maximum ceiling limit;
  • At least 40% of the existing loan balance has been settled without any delays;
  • Outstanding balance to be reviewed and approved case by case;
  • As usual, good business performance and improved performance if the suggested loan amount is higher than the existing loan’s original amount.
    • Loan types: Working capital and investment loans
    • Maturity:
  • Working Capital: a maximum of 36 months, but not less than 12 months;
  • Investment loans: a maximum of 84 months, but not less than 12 months.
  • Maximum borrower’s loan amounts not to exceed EUR 600,000 (or equivalent in Albanian Lek)


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